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Black Boy Joy

Black Boy Joy

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My son is a fruit lover dating back to when he took his first steps.

One day I arrived at the daycare to pick him up; he was sitting in the grass with both hands full of watermelon slices: juices dripping down his little chin, shirt stained pink, gumming away at that watermelon.

Nothing else mattered. His smile, the enjoyment, the happiness, and calmness oozing from his body just screamed Black Boy Joy.


Scent Profile

Bursting sweet smell of juicy, ripe watermelon, crisp green apples, freshly picked berries with undernotes of rose and vanilla. Accompanied by mouthwatering mango and coconut milk with a sprinkle of musk. Bright and fruity basically summer in a bottle.


Scent Notes:

Top: Berries, watermelon

Middle: Mango, Coconut milk, Green apples

Bottom: Rose, Vanilla, Musk

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