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Xi'Ana Gold Car Diffuser

Xi'Ana Gold Car Diffuser

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Small but mighty is the way we describe these beauties. These are our 8ml hanging reed diffusers available in all of our signature scents. They can be hung in the car, office, bedrooms, closets, etc.

Scent Notes:

Top: Tobacco cedar
Middle: Pineapple, Sage, Green leaves
Bottom: Black pepper, Cardamom

Unscrew the wooden cork and then remove the plastic stopper. Put the wooden top back on and give the bottle a tilt to get fragrance oil on the top but do not oversaturate. Hang in your desired space. When you feel the scent is weak, simply tilt the bottle upside down and hold for a few seconds to let the fragrance oil soak into the wood.

Material: Glass
Capacity: 8ml
Color: clear
Size(L)x(W): 23*45mm

Reed diffuser; premium fragrance oil

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